An Introduction to Analytics for Ecommerce Websites


analytics-laptopOnline marketing are two words that you keep hearing more and more, and for good reason. Marketing online has quickly become the most important form of marketing, gone are the days of buying newspapers, watching television and listening to the radio for news, information and advertising. It is important for businesses like Cloud IQ to realise this shift and put more emphasis on internet marketing, analytics for e-commerce website are one of the most powerful ways of doing this.

What are analytics?

Analytics are simply pieces of information that can be used to track and assist with your marketing, analytics tell you an unbelievable amount about the way people behave when they visit websites, how they got there and many other things.

What will analytics show you?

Analytics can show you a never ending list of things about the way your customers and visitors behave on your website, these include:

  • Showing you what is working and what is not – the information will show you what exactly is working and what is not, this will give you the opportunity to focus on the things that you perhaps did not notice before. It can show you a clear link between things like sales and particular campaigns and allow you to make changes.
  • Showing you everything and more – analytics can show you more than you could possibly imagine in terms of behaviour and this is more than any one person can interpret, this makes it important to look at indicators that are the most important and form links between large events rather than small ones.
  • Shows you what is profitable – data will show you where you are spending too much time, effort and money, and will ultimately show you what is profitable and what is not.

Analytics are the key to conversions

Relevant statistical information allows you to identify problem areas and make the necessary changes, the greatest thing is that you can figure out what is working and what is not. You can use test groups that are marketed to in different ways and then begin to change variables, at that point you will know what small changes are making the big differences.

Aids in decision making

Analytics also provide you with the opportunity to make key decisions about your e-commerce business, it not only gives you an advantage over competitors that don’t use this information, but allows you to understand trends and identify when marketing is stagnating or no longer generating profit. This allows you to always be aware of your position and make decisions that are necessary.

Understanding trends and which marketing channels are no longer profitable allows you to maneuver as a business before damage is done to your bottom line. And, understanding shifts in consumer behavior gives you insights into the demands of your market. Knowing these things enables you to drop certain products or make strategic changes in your pricing that will result in big gains or, at the very least, limit damage to your profits.

Dental emergencies

For the vast majority of people going to your local dentist usually consists of your two regular check-ups per year, but there comes a time in your life when you may need an emergency dentist. This can be due to any number of reasons, an accident, severe tooth ache or swelling around the gums and face caused by an abscess which would require immediate medical attention.images (6)

Any dental emergency, like any other injury to your body could be potentially serious and by all means should never be ignored. Ignoring any dental issues could lead to a much greater risk of permanent damage, so catching any such dental trauma you may have suffered early could save you on extensive and often expensive treatment in the future.

Dental injuries and pain can occur at any time; fortunately many dentists set aside an hour or two of their busy schedules to cater for such dental emergencies. So below I have listed some of the most common dental problems that may require you to see an emergency dentist.

  • Toothache This is probably the most common of all dental problems, and can be very painful for the person suffering from it. But before you ring your dentist try rinsing your mouth with warm, salted water. If there is any swelling apply a cold towel to the outside of your mouth. Never be tempted to rub aspirin on to the effected tooth as this can cause burning to the gum tissue and cause more problems. If the problem last for more than a day it’s time to ring your emergency dentist.
  • Knocked out tooth It happens, with our fast paced and chaotic lives sometimes accidents are unavoidable, if you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of having a tooth knocked out the first thing you need to do is retrieve the tooth and thoroughly rinse the tooth in clean water trying not to disturb any of the tissue fragments. If possible place the tooth in a glass of milk and ring your dentist straight away, for those who seek dental treatment with in the hour it is quite possible for the tooth to be reattached. 
  • Extruded (dislodged) tooth This can be very painful indeed, due to the fact that when a tooth becomes dislodged it can cause the roots to become disturbed and irritated, it’s important to seek dental treatment straight away as left unattended can result in losing the tooth altogether.

If you find yourself needing an emergency dentist it’s a good idea to note that not all dentists offer emergency treatment so familiarising yourself with the dentists that do is a good idea, because let’s face it you never know when you may need one. A good place to start is by simply Googling Where can I find an emergency dentist in Exeter.

About General Dentistry in Exeter:

One of those occasions can be when patients are in pain. If you are struggling with dental pain we understand and we will always do our utmost to see you on the same day. We offer emergency appointments to treat trauma and pain, simply call our friendly reception team and our experienced, gentle dentists will help get you on the road to recovery.

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How to get the perfect smile

We all know that visiting the dentist every six months is very important, after all you only get one set of adult teeth and looking after them throughout your adult life is somewhat of a challenge for most of us. Yes we all know to brush our teeth twice a day and use mouth washes and flosses, and most of the time this stops much intervention from your dentist in keeping your teeth in tip top shape, but sometimes things are out of our control such as stained teeth or chipping your tooth on that hard toffee you have just chewed, or may be an accident at work where a tooth has been knocked out.

How to get the perfect smile

Now with so many dental treatments and techniques out there, there is no need to worry about the problems of missing, stained or chipped teeth because many more dentists in Navan are now offering more than just keeping your mouth healthy with traditional dentistry. This is mainly due to the rise of what’s called cosmetic dentistry which is more concerned with the appearance of your mouth not necessarily the wellbeing of your mouth, although having a healthy mouth is still of the upmost importance.

A cosmetic Navan dentist can fill in the gaps, straighten crooked and miss aligned teeth plus bring back to life the whiteness of your teeth, after all having that perfect smile doesn’t just boost your self-confidence but can make you genuinely a more of a happier person.

So let’s take a look of what cosmetic dental care in Navan has to offer:

There are a number of procedures your dentist can give you to make you smile and feel great about yourself, the most common and sort after treatment is teeth whitening or teeth bleaching, this is a procedure where the dentist will apply some sort of chemical to your teeth to bring them back to that natural white colour. Another popular treatment is that of dental implants, basically a dental implant is a false tooth that is anchored to your jaw bone replacing a missing tooth permanently. Finally a procedure that is called a veneer; a veneer is a thin piece of material that is cemented to the surface of your teeth closing small gaps and hiding chipped teeth. There are many more procedures and treatments available so why not ask your dentist on how he can improve your smile on your next check-up.

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Toothpaste Technology


Toothpaste, made from paste or a gel dentifrice, serves as an abrasive aid for removing dental plaque and left over food from in between teeth as well as assisting in suppressing various oral diseases. Anywhere from 20-45% of toothpaste is made up of water, the rest consist of a variety of components with the three main ingredients being the abrasives, detergents and the (1)

The abrasives in any toothpaste typically make up at least 50% of it. These particles help remove the plaque from teeth, and are insoluble. To avoid cavities and periodontal diseases the removal of plaque and calculus, which is a hardened formed of plaque, is paramount. Generally the abrasives used in toothpastes are aluminium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, hydroxyapatite and several varieties of calcium hydrogen phosphates, silicas and zeolites.

Fluoride is by far the most popular of the active ingredients in toothpaste to prevent cavities. The fluoride has beneficial effects on the formation of dental enamel and the teeth. While sodium fluoride is the most common source of fluoride in toothpaste, there are others, namely stannous fluoride, olaflur and sodium monofluorophosphate. As stated, sodium fluoride is the most common but not the most effective in reducing the incidence of dental problems and controlling gingivitis, which would be stannous fluoride and is far superior.

There are a few other ingredients that go into making toothpaste, some that go into all, others that are only in a few brands. Sodium lauryl sulfate is one of these, and contained in only a few brands is a foaming agent, which enables proper distribution of the toothpaste through your mouth. There are also antibacterial agents in most toothpaste, namely triclosan which prevents gingivitis and helps reduce tartar and bad breath. Hydroxyapatite nanocrystals and calcium phosphate are included in some formulations for remineralisation, which is the reformation of the teeth enamel, and, of course, there are flavorants to cover up the taste of so many different ingredients. The most common ‘flavours’ of toothpaste are spearmint, peppermint and wintergreen.

After using toothpaste many people often remark on the foul taste it seems to give to most juices and some foods. This is due to the sodium lauryl sulfate which alters your taste perception by breaking down phospholipids that inhibit the taste receptors for sweetness, giving your food or drink that foul bitter taste. There are various other types of toothpaste to choose from, and finding the best for you will ultimately give you a healthier smile.

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Ways to whiten your teeth


Our teeth are one of the most important things when it comes to our confidence and enjoyment of life, they help us to eat, smile and speak properly, so when this is affected we are naturally very conscious of this, particularly when your teeth become stained or discoloured. This article will talk about some of the ways in which you can give your teeth that extra boost and bring back their original white lustre.

Whitening toothpastes

This is regular toothpaste that has added ingredients in them such as mild abrasives, substances used for whitening, or polishing agents. These are generally quite effective and will give your teeth a small boost in terms of whiteness, but do not have the results of other whitening products like kits.

Home remedies

Many people swear by home remedies that have been around for a long time, one such method is the use of baking soda and a toothbrush to gently brush the teeth and remove stains and discolouring on the teeth. There are also a number of people that swear by chewing sugarless gum, as the action of chewing produces saliva and helps to neutralise the acids in the mouth that cause tooth decay.

Whitening strips

These are very thin and usually transparent strips that are coated in a peroxide whitening gel and are generally worn for about half an hour a few times each week. These provide quite reasonable results and can be seen in a manner of days, but nowhere near the effectiveness of whitening kits, but have the added advantage of being extremely simple to use and they are practically fool proof.

Whitening Kits

There are many different types of whitening kits available now and are very effective in improving the look of your teeth. One of the most common types of kits is a peroxide based gel that is applied to a tray that moulds to your teeth and is worn for about thirty minutes to an hour every day for about a week. These trays can be bought over the shop counter or you can speak to your dentist about getting a custom mould made, to improve the effectiveness of the peroxide gel. There are also kits that just use the gel applied directly to the teeth in a similar fashion to the trays or moulds.

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Preventative Care for Your Teeth.

Everybody knows how important it is to look after your teeth and regular visits to your dentist are essential if you want to eliminate expensive procedures in the future. The old saying ‘prevention is better than the cure’ could not be more correct when it comes to having healthy teeth, so here are three top tips on some preventative measures your local dentist can offer to help prevent any costly future problems and oral health issues.


  1. Visit your dentist on a regular basis. This will allow your dentist the opportunity to keep a record of the condition of both your teeth and gums. Your dentist will be able to spot potential issues before they happen and work out some form of treatment plan to stop the progression of things like gum disease, which you may not even notice you have. You may not know this but gum disease is responsible for the loss of more teeth than actual tooth decay itself.
  2. Book an appointment with your local dental hygienist. A good dental hygienist will make sure that your oral health is in good condition and as well as removing hard and soft plaque deposits from your teeth, a good one will also instruct you how to brush your teeth correctly, and how to use dental floss to clean those gaps between the teeth that normal brushing does not reach. They may also apply coatings to the teeth like fluoride and sealants to help protect your teeth, and they will also provide dietary advice so you know which kinds of food and beverages are more likely to inflict damage to your teeth.
  3. Enquire about oral cancer screening availability. Believe it or not, but most oral cancers are detected not by doctors but by your dentist. Whilst performing your regular check up, your dentist can also do an examination of the overall general health of your mouth cavity, tongue and gums for any precancerous and cancerous conditions such as lesions. People in high risk groups such as smokers or people who have been diagnosed with it previously may want to take full advantage of this particular service. Early detection is crucial if you want to give yourself a better chance of curing cancer of the mouth.

About dental hygiene Chiswick

So if you want to keep your teeth in great shape, looking good, and avoid the expenditure of procedures like cavity fillings and at worst the need for dentures, Chiswick Park Dental Practice, located at the address at the bottom of the page offer a wide range of services, including the above, to suit your every need. Find them at:

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How business skills help your political career

One common criticism of politicians, especially career politicians, is that they have no experience in the real world of work. However, it is certainly true that some of the skills that are required to lead a company can also be harnessed in politics.

Writing and research skills are important for political communication. A politician needs to be well informed on a range of issues and needs to be able to respond knowledgeably to questions. These sorts of skills are also important to business people who have to be able to present the message of what their company stands for and what it hopes to achieve.

Presentation skills are important in getting the message across, whether it is the policies of a political party or the vision of a company. Understanding your audience is also important. Steve Jobs was a prime example of someone who could inspire people with his vision, and this ability is equally important to politicians. In today’s world, understanding social media is a very important aspect of communication. Companies or politicians who are able to use social media to their advantage can greatly boost the performance of their company or party. In contrast, a gaffe can be very damaging.


The ability to manage crises and solve problems is another important skill for any business person or politician. Mistakes are made and problems arise even in the most well run companies and political parties, and knowing how to respond and what to say in these circumstances is an important skill.

Some entrepreneurs who have gone on to have successful political careers are Mike Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York; Mitt Romney the Governor of Massachusetts; and Najib Mikati, Prime Minister of Lebanon. Bloomberg is the founder of Bloomberg LP, a financial company with billions in annual revenue. Mitt Romney founded Bain Capital, which over the years has acquired or invested in many American household names such as Staples, Toys R Us and Domino’s Pizza. Najib Mikati was the Prime Minister of Lebanon until he resigned in March 2013. Before entering the political arena, he and his brother were telecom operators in Syria and Africa via their company Investcom. The company was sold to South Africa’s MTN Group in 2006 for a total of $3.6 billion in stock and cash (find out more about Najib Mikati at

Leadership skills are important in both business and politics. Companies rely on the people they employ, so motivating them and making them feel engaged with the company and its aims is vital to the success of any company. Similarly for politicians, if they want to be successful, they need to inspire people and make them believe that their policies are the right ones for the country. Other important skills are teamwork and negotiation. In any business or political party, there will be times when there is a need to work effectively with others and to be able to compromise to get what they want. This requires the ability to know when to compromise and when to stick to the plan.


Of course, not all business leaders would make great politicians or would want to enter the political arena, but there are many skills that will serve them just as well in politics as they would in business.


Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a disease in which malignant cancer cells form in the lips, oral cavity and the oropharynx. The number of new cases of oral cancer has been decreasing slowly, thankfully causing fewer deaths over the last 30 or so years. However, the number of new cases of oral cancer cause by certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection has increased drastically. HPV 16, which is a strain of papillomavirus, is quite often passed from one person to another during sexual activity. Oral cancer can occur in all adults, but most commonly in older adults.images (1)


There are several tests that can be performed to diagnose which type of cancer you may have. These are called screening tests, and they have been shown to be very helpful both in finding cancers before there are symptoms, and in decreasing the likelihood of the person in question dying from said cancer. By the time the symptoms appear, the cancer may have already begun to spread. Scientists are studying the things that we do with our days, and the things around us on those days, to try to better understand and figure out which people are more likely to get certain types of cancer.


Screening for oral cancer may be done during your normal routine check-up by your dentist. Whilst checking the condition of your teeth, he may also check for lesions and abnormal rash-like patches inside your mouth. These lesions, or rashes, are areas of leukoplakia, or erythroplakia which are abnormal white or red (respectively) patches of cells. These rashes and lesions on the mucous membranes may become cancerous, and will need screening. This will include either staining the lesions in the mouth with a blue dye, checking with a special fluorescent light, or actually collecting cells from your lips or the inside of your oral cavity.


Making decisions about whether to have a screening test or not can be difficult, because not all screening tests are helpful for your particular problem. Most of them carry risks too. Make sure before you have any screening tests done that you speak with your doctor first. It is very important to know the risks you will be putting yourself in for, and whether the screening has proven to reduce the risk of dying from the cancer.


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Concerns about appearance.

According to a recent survey as many as 2 out of 5 people in the UK are not happy with their personnel appearance. For most of these people this concern only affects them occasionally, usually when something has gone wrong in their lives and it has knocked their confidence. But for some this can be a more permanent worry.images (3)

In a recent poll done by a popular Women’s magazine this problem affects more women than men, and is so bad in some women that is actually a medical condition known as Body Dysmorphic disorder (BDD) this disorder involves the belief that their appearance is defective and is worthy of being fixed or hidden.

The three main problems women are concerned about the most are attractiveness, weight and the appearance of their teeth, with many women spending up to three hours a day trying to hide or conceal their flaws which are more often perceived and not often reality.

So what can women (and men) do that suffer this disorder do to get their confidence and self-esteem back and not have to worry about their appearance, after all everyone is beautiful

According to Jane Whittling a diet expert, recommends for people that are concerned about their weight that eating a healthy diet and regular exercise is essential to losing weight. Eating non fatty foods such as fruit and salads is a great weight to start, and doing just 20 minutes of exercise a day can reduce body fat very quickly. So by following a diet plan and doing plenty of exercise you can get the body you have always wanted.

For a lot of people the appearance of their mouth and teeth are a big concern when it comes to their confidence, this mainly due to when you first meet someone the first thing you look at is their mouth. Studies have also shown that smiling is actually good for your health. So people with crooked teeth or missing teeth feel embarrassed when it comes to smiling which in turn knocks their confidence. However cosmetic dentistry can now employ several techniques to correct and restore teeth that have become discoloured or missing. Nottingham dentists are leading the way in bringing teeth back to life such as teeth whitening and dental implants giving you that perfect smile and of course your confidence.

About the Nottingham dentist

Everything counts when it comes to making a good first impression, yet unlike your outfits, your smile is with you wherever you go, whether it is making a keynote speech to a Fortune 500 company or in your most private moments at home.

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The importance of mouth care

Gnasher’s, pearly whites, and chompers whatever you call your teeth it is important to keep your teeth and general oral wellbeing healthy.  Not only does having healthy gums and teeth benefit your mouth but can also have an impact on your overall health as well.aventura-dentist-biscayne-dental-center-miami

Having healthy teeth is important because your mouth is vital for drinking, eating, tasting and communication. Also the antibacterial properties of your saliva are your mouths natural defence against the build-up of bacteria which can cause all sorts of problems and infections such as tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

And as we all know when we get problems with our teeth it can be very painful and unpleasant, this is why having good oral hygiene is vital in maintaining your mouths defences against unwanted problems. Many of these problems can be avoided by a few simple things you can do daily; the most effective of these is daily brushing. But there other methods we can use to keep our oral hygiene in tip top shape.

Below I have listed a few things you should be doing to maintain your oral health.

Brushing your teeth

Brushing your teeth is the most common method of keeping your mouth healthy, due to eating and drinking plaque builds up on the surface of our teeth, by brushing twice daily it removes this build-up of plaque. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth for a minimum of two minutes at a time, and this should be done once in the morning and once in the evening before you go to bed.


Flossing is also very important in the fight against tooth decay, as with flossing you can reach the places where tooth brushes cannot, this can include in-between teeth and along the gum line. Dentists in Navan recommend flossing at least once a day with the best time to floss before you go to bed.


Using a mouthwash is also a very good way to keep your mouth healthy due to its anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties which fight against diseases and infections. A mouth wash should be swilled around the mouth for at least one minute before spitting out.

About dentists in Navan

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