3 Tips on How to Save Money on Decorating Your Home

3 Tips on How to Save Money on Decorating Your Home
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Let’s face it, we all want a nicely decorated home and if you didn’t have to think about a budget then your home would be already be complete! You wouldn’t be looking for money saving tips to help decorate, but you will get some good advice here. If you think smart about how to go about doing up your house you will be amazed at how much money you can save. Shopping around at thrift stores, markets, garage sales and online can get you some nice stuff at minimum cost. Getting creative is also important if you would like to keep costs down when decorating your home.

Try to use as many free sources as possible and pay as little as possible for what you do buy. Try to make things yourself by utilising websites like eHow.com and by searching online.

Shop For Deals

As previously mentioned, you should check our all of the different places where people are selling their old stuff to see if there is anything that you like or could get creative with for your home. Look our for throw pillows, throw blankets, rugs and furniture to give your ‘old’ room a new look and feel. WHether you are looking for a table or a just some storage boxes, odds are you will come across it at a garage sale.


Get Creative

This is where the fun begins! there are endless possibilities when it comes to getting creative when decorating your home. Coconuts can be used as plant pots, driftwood can be used to make large or small picture frames and mirrors shells and rocks can be collected from the beach to decorate corners of the house and mantle. This is all before we even take out a paint brush. Creative painting by freehand or with stencils will give a personal flair to your house and shoe off your creative side. Use accent lighting to highlight décor and interior walls and living spaces. Directional lighting can add drama to a once boring hallway or foyer.  Install accent lighting to shine on artwork or to point to a picture above the fireplace. Use simple tea light candles in a nice holder to give visual interest to house plants and atrium areas in your home. The soft lighting from candles can make a room look warm and comfortable. Mirrors are another cheap décor idea which can make a dramatic change to a room. Visit your local craft store and buy inexpensive mirrors to use as mosaic pieces, or picture frames. They are great for making a room feel bigger than it actually is.


Get Online

Long gone are the days when do-it-yourself projects were only for the skilled crafts-man. There is a multitude of online tutorials, Youtube videos , eHow articles, wikiHow and good old fashioned Google to help you out when it comes to decorating your house on the cheap. This is probably the best resource you will have when it comes to saving money as you can look for garage sales, check craigslist for items, look up creative ideas for whatever it is you are wanting to do. There are even Facebook groups that can help you out. Just type in something like ‘creative decorating’ and see what comes up.


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