4 Things You Should Know about Working in the Mining Industry

4 Things You Should Know about Working in the Mining Industry
August 29, 2013 Comments Off on 4 Things You Should Know about Working in the Mining Industry Business,Employee,Manager,Tips Pandora Kornfeld

Australia is the lucky country, a land of untapped resources and some of the most extensive mines in the world, attracting billions of dollars in revenue each year. Before you ready your applications, pack your bags and bid goodbye to the streets and local watering holes of your home town, it might be best to cool your heels and consider what you’re signing up for. Sure, you’ll be blessed with unbeatable pay, make life-long friends and become one with the dust, dirt and lifeblood of Australia; but here are a few things you need to know now, prior to readying an application and signing on for two weeks on, two weeks off work rotations.

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On the Road Again

Miners rarely stay in one place, travelling the corridors of natural Australia in some of the most remote and pristine eco-systems of the planet. People who choose this life are often on the move, visiting new and established sites for training opportunities, seminars or promotions; every town and location provides a unique experience to the wide-eyed and veterans alike. One month, you may languish in the unforgiving glare of the red centre, and the next shive against frigid mountain sides. You will see country, and you will appreciate her natural beauty and the diversity we have been blessed with.

Commitment is the Watch-Word

You will be expected to put in solid twelve hour shifts, spanning a ten to fourteen day working “week”. Time will take on a different meaning, no longer measured along traditional lines, in fact, say goodbye to conventional hours and the monotonous nine to five – you won’t be seeing them again. Mining recruiters like One Key Resources search for applicants who have a history of loyalty and whom exhibit commitment to the outcomes of their current or past employers. You must be passionate about mining, otherwise you may fall behind, beaten by dusty exhaustion.

Qualified? Don’t Delay. Entry Level? We Need You To

The mining industry is far flung from the pre-industrial mind shaft and hand tools; miners are no longer regarded as laymans, earning a paltry sum to buy a bit of bread and ale after a hard day, inhaling dangerous dust and fumes. Technology has broken the industry open, cultivating endless opportunities for University graduates, qualified tradesmen, technical graduates and computer experts, creating a thriving field of mining experts and revolutionising outcomes. Gone are the days of dangerous conditions and unskilled labour, as qualified workers are prized and welcome across the country. That’s not to say entry level punters don’t stand a chance – when it comes down to it, all you need is pride, commitment and the determination to make mining your life…for now.

It’s Not a Man’s World

You’d be forgiven for assuming mining is naturally a man’s world, after all, the pamphlets, news articles, politicos and recruitment companies tailor their image toward the masculine persuasion, so it must be true, right? Not at all. Your life will be decidedly still co-ed, as some of the most qualified mining professional are women. In fact, over twenty percent of mining staff serving in Australian mines are female – mining crew are not benefited by big egos or deep voices, but strong bodies and savvy thinkers, whether they be guys or girls.

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