5 Great Reasons to Drive a Hybrid  

5 Great Reasons to Drive a Hybrid  
July 21, 2014 Comments Off on 5 Great Reasons to Drive a Hybrid   Blog,General,Tips Pandora Kornfeld

You’ve seen them all around: those quiet vehicles that slink around without making much more than a quiet humming sound. They’re hybrid vehicles, and they’re becoming more popular than ever. Because of their versatility, hybrids are more popular than all-electric cars and far more eco-friendly than standard fuel-driven cars. And they’re finally coming down in price so you can afford to become part of the hybrid movement yourself! Here are 5 great reasons to switch your current vehicle for a hybrid:


Unbeatable fuel economy

Ever think about that little acronym “MPG”? It means miles per gallon, and you’re going to get a whole lot more of them by driving a hybrid. Because a hybrid vehicle uses its electric motor in concurrence with the fuel engine, it uses a lot less gas so your dollars spent at the tank will go much farther. Less fuel consumption means more dollars back in your pocket, so think of your hybrid vehicle as an investment in your financial future.



It goes without saying that a vehicle that uses (and expends) less fuel and carbon emissions is going to be better for the environment. So when you make the switch from your standard vehicle to a hybrid, think of it as a bonus for both you and for the planet. These days it’s increasingly important to reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can, so take the step by going hybrid.


Low depreciation

Because they are designed to be sustainable for the long term, hybrid vehicles will hold their high value as opposed to standard vehicles which depreciate greatly as time goes by. And most hybrid cars come with extended warranties so you can be sure that you’ll be covered for at least 8-10 years.


Great selection

In the past, hybrid vehicles only came in a few styles, making them less appealing to people looking for a customised look. But today, there is such a wide variety of hybrid vehicles out there that you can get an SUV, saloon or 2-door vehicle all as a hybrid. You can browse hybrid cars by BMW to see their great selection available. You don’t have to decide between hybrid or style, because now you can have both; there are even hybrid pick-up trucks out on the market now!


Support the green movement

Buying a hybrid vehicle isn’t just making a good impact on the environment today. It’s making a statement to the automotive industry about your position and where your values lie. When there is a thriving market for hybrid vehicles, there will be more money for these companies to continue growing and supporting the environment. So do your part and know that your purchase is really an investment in a greater good as well.

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