5 Reasons Why You May Need Emergency Dental Treatment

5 Reasons Why You May Need Emergency Dental Treatment
October 23, 2018 Comments Off on 5 Reasons Why You May Need Emergency Dental Treatment Health Pandora Kornfeld

If you had a dental emergency today, who would you call? Let’s assume that your regular dentist can’t fit you in, what would be your plan B? The answer for most of us is that we do not have a plan B which means we would be frantically looking for the closest dental consultants to us, that can squeeze us in. If you make an emergency appointment in this way then there is really no telling what kind of service you may receive. With this in mind then it is well worth your while to have a dentist or two that you know and trust, should you need them in case of an emergency. You may believe that such as situation will never arrive but as these examples show, it can happen to any of us. 

Chipped or Broken Tooth 

It doesn’t matter how well you may look after your teeth, there is no telling when you may fall or have an accident which results in broken teeth, in some cases it can be as a result of something as simple as eating a tough food. When teeth get chipped or damaged it is important to get this rectified as soon as you possibly can which will mean that you’ll have to look for an emergency appointment. 

Fillings and Crowns

Fillings and crowns are put in place to prevent pain as a result of an exposed nerve. As you can imagine when these fillings or crowns become loose, they expose the nerve and result in huge amounts of pain in your mouth. This can happen because of the most innocuous of reasons so it is vital that you get it repaired immediately. 

Unknown Pain 

More often than not we sense the pain increasing when there is an issue in our mouths but this is not always the case. In fact it is not rare for someone to go to bed feeling fine and then waking up in agony the next morning because of something unknown. 


Simply put an abscess is a small ball of puss which can build up on the gum or around the teeth, they are painful and they are certainly an indicator that something is wrong. On occasion the sufferer may not even know that the abscess is there until it is causing great pain which means that an emergency appointment will be required to get it drained and the infection treated. 


Inflammation of the gums or the jaw can be very worrying and if it is not treated it could eventually cause problems with eating and even respiration. An inflammation can happen because of an injury, and infection or even something more severe so it will need to be checked out as soon as you are able to. To prevent anything from worsening it makes sense to get yourself an emergency appointment in order to get things looked at. 

You may think that it won’t happen to you, but it certainly could! 

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