5 Tips for First-Time Job Seekers

5 Tips for First-Time Job Seekers
February 1, 2013 Comments Off on 5 Tips for First-Time Job Seekers General Pandora Kornfeld

So you’ve completed university, collected your diploma and officially entered the “real world”- and suddenly, the path that’s been laid out for you your whole life up until now is a whole lot less clear than before! Whether you’re trying to break into a specialized field, or wondering what kind of job you can land with your philosophy degree, the job hunt can be a full-time job in itself. Here are some tips to quicken the process and land you a job you can be proud of (and more importantly, that will facilitate a life you enjoy!)


Fine-Tune Your Resume When you’re job hunting you’re essentially selling yourself to a potential employer, so the first step in any job search should be perfecting your presentation. Your resume is usually the first (and often the only) thing a potential employer will see, especially if you apply for a job via email. Learn how to format and write your resume to make it as effective as possible, and have several experienced friends give you their opinions.


Find a Recruiter One great way to get connected with many companies at once is through a recruitment agency. These agencies meet with you initially to collect your information and learn about your skills and professional goals, then they contact potential companies whose needs match your skills. It’s so helpful to have someone working on your side, and can really improve morale and progress during the job searching period.

Watch Online Job Boards Never underestimate the power of the Internet in helping to open up your job options- there are literally hundreds of sites out there created to help connect job seekers with job openings. Keep an open mind and search in fields you might not have considered otherwise- and don’t forget about the possibility of internships which could lead to paid positions later.


Network While emailing and cold calls are helpful, there is no better way to score a job than by meeting a potential lead in person. Look up networking events in your area, and bring along business cards and resumes to hand out just in case. The vast majority of employers will choose a candidate they either met in person or have a personal reference for, over a faceless candidate who’s applied over email. Believe it or not, your stellar personality will count double or more points over the technical details of your resume.

Don’t be Overly Picky While you should definitely exert some level of discernment during the job search (some people just aren’t made for office work or customer service!), you also shouldn’t necessarily pass over a job that doesn’t fit all of your requirements. Many positions have room for growth, and once your employer gets to know you, you may find flexibility within the position to match what you can and want to do. Even if you don’t land your ideal job at first, you can learn a lot and gain experience (while paying the bills!)


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