6 Healthy Tips to Brighten Up Your Morning

6 Healthy Tips to Brighten Up Your Morning
February 1, 2013 Comments Off on 6 Healthy Tips to Brighten Up Your Morning General Pandora Kornfeld

To say that mornings aren’t everyone’s favorite time of day may be an understatement- especially if you’ve stayed up until bleary-eyed hours watching late night TV! But the morning is your chance to get your mind relaxed, your body energized, and to set a positive tone for the rest of the day. Here are 6 quick tips that you can easily incorporate into your morning- before downing that cup of coffee:


Wake Up to Natural Light Before going to bed, make sure your curtains or blinds are halfway open. That way, the natural light of the rising sun will peek into your room, letting your brain know it’s time to slow down the sleepy chemicals (melatonin) and bump up the adrenaline which will wake you up naturally. So when the alarm goes off, guess what- you’ll already be half awake, and half as likely to hit snooze nine zillion times.

Read a Motivational Quote Starting your day out with positive thoughts will spread the joy through the rest of the day. Make reading motivational quotes a short part of your morning routine; keep a book by your bed and take a minute to read a positive thought while you brush your teeth.


Take a Vitamin If you keep the bottle of vitamins right next to the coffee or teapot, you’ll be likely to remember it every morning. Years of research have shown that taking vitamins boosts health so take a few seconds to add this healthy step to your morning.


Moisturize Taking a few seconds to moisturize your skin will leave you feeling vitalized and awake, and helps to keep your skin young and supple. Choose natural moisturizers with sunscreen if possible; UV damage on the face can cause premature wrinkles and age spots.

Cut Back on Decisions For a relaxed and energized morning, you need to cut back on stress- and trying to make too many decisions when your brain is just waking up is a recipe for disaster. Instead, make as many decisions as you can the night before, such as what to wear and make for breakfast. That way, you can go through your routine smoothly in the morning, decreasing stress and boosting health and energy for the rest of the day.

Hydrate Drink at least eight ounces (preferably more) of water when you wake up to rehydrate your body after fasting all night. Water is your body’s life source and is guaranteed to increase your energy levels more naturally than caffeine.


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