7 creative ideas for internet email marketing

7 creative ideas for internet email marketing
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1 Be topical. It’s easy to have one email newsletter look like the last one and have them all look generic enough to be from any time. Mention the season (“Spring at last!”) and use that to inspire your colour scheme, mention things that are in the news, bring your reader up to speed on the latest changes in your industry, tell them the trends you like or do the Harlem shake- whatever it takes to show your email is relevant and timely.


2 Call Me Button. A big shiny graphic reading “Call Me!” and your phone number prominently visible will tempt someone who is even slightly interested into having a sales call. Following up with a phone call is one of the best ways to maximise conversions, and make sure your inbound interactive voice response system makes it easy for your client to speak to your sales staff.


3 Smart Design. Put the important stuff first. Put some text at the top describing your email for when the preview disables your pictures. Make sure your text is easily legible at a glance and at least 12pt, in a font everyone can read. Keep it short and sweet to tempt people to click through. Make it link-heavy so there are multiple opportunities to click, make it very easy to unsubscribe, and make it look like your website landing page for a smooth transition from email to web. Make it at least as professional as your site, and make absolutely sure your email code is designed for inboxes, not for the web, because html for email is different!


4 Snappy Subject Line. There is no point spending days crafting a beautiful email only fifty people will read, so you need to persuade people to open it, and your subject line is the main influence on your open rate. Remember that in most inboxes the subject line is all the person will see (apart from your sending ‘from’ name) and they’ll use it to decide whether they should spend time reading your email. It has to be snappy because they only have a limited amount of attention, and many inboxes will cut off an overly long subject line after a certain number of characters.


5 Delicious Pictures. Email is a visual medium like a magazine, and a strong photo or a bold graphic can have a huge impact. Make your visuals enticing and evocative so that they support your text, and make them all clickable links to maximise your conversions.


6 Break the Mould. Do something different and unexpected, whether it’s an April fool’s message or a recipe for cake. If you are not careful, habit can become your worst enemy. If people think they know what your email is going to be about before they’ve read it, then they will not open it – nobody wants to be bored. Within the limits of the law and good taste, remember you can put whatever you want in an email, so don’t be afraid to innovate.


7 Be Funny. Not easy to pull off, but well worth it for the incentive for people to pass your email on to their friends. If you can find a comical picture of a cat then that is almost always a hit on the internet!

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