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Social Media for Business
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You’re on Facebook. You’re on Twitter. You tried out Google+, but then you realized that none of your friends were using it so you sort of abandoned your account. You’re signed up and know how to use these networks, but how can they result in something more useful to you than just disseminating funny cat

5 Tips to Being an Entrepreneur
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The typical career path of working as an employee for an established business works for the vast majority of people. This system is common, accepted, and for the average Joe or Jane, totally fine.   But what about the rest of us?   If the idea of independence is important to you, if you feel

5 Common Interview Questions
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It always pays to be prepared. Before going to your job interview, plan ahead and think of what questions you are likely to be asked. Employers often throw curveballs beyond what you would expect. Here are a few examples of questions to consider before walking through the door:   1. “What are your weaknesses?” This

Hiring Employees for Small Businesses
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At a certain point, it becomes time to move from the basement to the big(ger) time. The process of selecting and screening new employees can be daunting, but it also gives you a chance to shape the direction of your enterprise. This guide will help you through some of the process of expanding your business.

5 Ways to Market Your Business on the Internet
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For any small business, getting new customers is a constant struggle. Old fashioned word of mouth resulting from good service is a start, but it’s rarely enough to keep up with the competition. For that, it becomes necessary to branch out and use technology. Here are five tips for using the web to better market

What is Affiliate Marketing?
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The success of homegrown online businesses is still baffling to some in this day and age. How can a self-produced, self-marketed website become successful? How can a person generate enough income to support themselves and their travels without selling a product? If this website is free to browse, how is its creator making a profit?

5 Tips to Improve Your Résumé
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If you want to know how to write a CV or résumé, a lot depends on the position that you are applying for. However, there are several good general rules to keep in mind for any job. If you can hand in a professional-looking document when you apply, you stand a much better chance of

5 Business Leaders Under 30
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Stories of young people that have built prosperous careers in a world dominated by established interests can be motivating and inspiring. We often hear about the lives of the most high profile success stories (Mark Zuckerberg, anyone?), but there are countless other people around the world that have already made a difference before leaving their

Travel for Business
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If you are a small business owner, or work in a management at a larger one, there may come a time when company travel becomes necessary. Whether it’s an industry conference, meeting with clients, scouting for locations to expand to, inspecting manufacturing facilities, or any other reason, these trips are an important part of your