Celebrating the end of term in style

Celebrating the end of term in style
December 11, 2013 Comments Off on Celebrating the end of term in style General Pandora Kornfeld

December can only mean one thing for students: finally, the end of the first term has arrived. They’ve slogged through in a haze of late night library sessions and last minute essays and now they want to celebrate.

The Student Union is the perfect venue for a university Christmas party. Generally, most students on campus will know where their union is and they often have vastly cheaper drinks than other pubs and clubs near the university.

There are loads of ways to make a university Christmas party the event of the academic year!

Theme nights

Universities often have a vast array of societies that students can join during freshers’ week. Each of these societies will probably want their own Christmas party and will be contacting their Student Union to reserve a night to throw their bash.

Turning society parties into theme nights would be a fantastic idea, as every group would be able to boast about having their own unique party.

The best thing about themed parties is that there is an endless list of ideas to choose from. Societies could pick something traditional like a toga party, which is easily done with some bed sheets and a couple of leaves. Beach parties go down well as everybody has some sunglasses and swimwear lying around.

Themed nights are also an excuse to really think outside the box. How about a Willy Wonka party? Guests dress as their favourite characters from the film or the chocolate they are addicted to.

Societies could arrange a celebrity themed party, where everybody dresses up as their favourite star. They could even host their own Oscars: awards for the most studious, biggest lightweight or a Jeremy Kyle award for the most dramatic student.

Foam Party


Students are desperate to let the worries of the previous term dissolve away so they can really enjoy themselves before going home for the Christmas holidays. A foam party is the ideal place to do that.

These kind of parties can be advertised to all students and don’t have to be reserved for society members only.

Foam parties are catalysts for fun, because everybody knows what they’re in for and they can really let their hair down and just enjoy themselves.

Panda eyes, frizzy hair and wet clothes will be a testament to the brilliant night had by the students.

Make it festive

The Student Union should be filled with the tackiest, worst Christmas decorations available. Garish tinsel, singing santas and lots of plastic mistletoe.

Bar staff should get in on the action and wear hideous Christmas jumpers, the kind Grandmas knit for children with bobbles attached for snowmen’s noses. They could even don elf ears, Santa hats or angel’s halos to really hammer the fact that it’s a Christmas party home.

Christmas themed drinks always go down well. Festive cocktails with candy cane stirrers and green or red shots would be the perfect beverages for a Christmas party.

Avoid eggnog, however, as excessive drinking, plus dancing like a fool, will probably cause a lot of students to go green.

The morning after the night before

Any social event involving students is likely to require a big clean up the day after but the Student Union will probably look like a warzone the day after a student Christmas party.

Sticky floors, stained bars, make-up on the bathroom mirrors and puddles of bodily fluids on the floor. Perhaps the clean-up should be left to the professionals!

cleaning contractor would be able to tackle the mess left with ease, leaving the Student Union free to plan a party to celebrate the return of the students in January.

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