Concerns about appearance.

Concerns about appearance.
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According to a recent survey as many as 2 out of 5 people in the UK are not happy with their personnel appearance. For most of these people this concern only affects them occasionally, usually when something has gone wrong in their lives and it has knocked their confidence. But for some this can be a more permanent worry.images (3)

In a recent poll done by a popular Women’s magazine this problem affects more women than men, and is so bad in some women that is actually a medical condition known as Body Dysmorphic disorder (BDD) this disorder involves the belief that their appearance is defective and is worthy of being fixed or hidden.

The three main problems women are concerned about the most are attractiveness, weight and the appearance of their teeth, with many women spending up to three hours a day trying to hide or conceal their flaws which are more often perceived and not often reality.

So what can women (and men) do that suffer this disorder do to get their confidence and self-esteem back and not have to worry about their appearance, after all everyone is beautiful

According to Jane Whittling a diet expert, recommends for people that are concerned about their weight that eating a healthy diet and regular exercise is essential to losing weight. Eating non fatty foods such as fruit and salads is a great weight to start, and doing just 20 minutes of exercise a day can reduce body fat very quickly. So by following a diet plan and doing plenty of exercise you can get the body you have always wanted.

For a lot of people the appearance of their mouth and teeth are a big concern when it comes to their confidence, this mainly due to when you first meet someone the first thing you look at is their mouth. Studies have also shown that smiling is actually good for your health. So people with crooked teeth or missing teeth feel embarrassed when it comes to smiling which in turn knocks their confidence. However cosmetic dentistry can now employ several techniques to correct and restore teeth that have become discoloured or missing. Nottingham dentists are leading the way in bringing teeth back to life such as teeth whitening and dental implants giving you that perfect smile and of course your confidence.

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