Could an IT career put you at the heart of the office?

Could an IT career put you at the heart of the office?
February 20, 2014 Comments Off on Could an IT career put you at the heart of the office? Business Pandora Kornfeld

We all seem to have a preconceived idea about what an IT career is normally like. You have to go to university, complete a standard three-year course of computer science and have a brief stint at Google or Microsoft along the way.

This isn’t true. Almost anyone – even people who aren’t great with computers – can get a job in this industry if they put the time and effort in.

IT apprenticeships, for example, offer school leavers without many qualifications (or even those with all A*s!) the chance to get the skills they need to make a career out of all things tech.


Any 16 to 18-year-old that has just done their GCSEs will know just how difficult it can be to plan their future, especially with the job market the way it is at the moment. But there are ways you can boost your CV.

Getting involved in an IT apprenticeship could give you the chance to be at the centre of a busy, dynamic office environment – something that will look fantastic on your CV.

Most people in their late teens will find their resume is full of part-time jobs, small projects and the odd course, but this doesn’t give bosses enough to employ you on, as they will want to know you can hack it when the going gets tough.

Apprenticeships are great for this reason as they give you a really good taste of what life in an office is like, but without you having all the pressure of getting absolutely everything right.


You will make mistakes if you take on an IT apprenticeship. That’s just a fact of life. But if you learn from that time you accidentally wiped a hard drive, instead of dwelling on it, and show your employer that you will put in the effort to improve, then you will almost certainly set yourself apart from the crowd.

The vast majority of people that take on apprentices know they are not the finished article and as such won’t expect heaven and earth from you. This gives you a real one up on fully-paid counterparts, who have the pressure of a normal entry level job position on their shoulders.

Centre of the office

The thing about being in the IT department is that absolutely everyone in the office relies on it. We all know how important computers, as well as the wider internet, are to our day-to-day lives so when this stops working – it’s only natural that everyone will flock to you.

While you probably won’t be tasked with developing whole new cloud platforms, or changing your employer’s data encryption systems in your apprenticeship, the fact that you’ll be seeing colleagues on a daily basis to fix their computers will put you right at the centre of the office.

You’ll immediately be recognised as a vital part of the company and this will give you a great chance to get a full contract, but will all the know-how and expertise you need to get the job done to the high standards expected.

If you want to find out more about getting paid to learn while you work, try looking at some of the positions listed on the Positive Outcomes website – where thousands of school leavers have found employment and the job of their dreams.

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