Creating a Healthier Office Environment

Creating a Healthier Office Environment
January 9, 2013 Comments Off on Creating a Healthier Office Environment Health,Manager Pandora Kornfeld

healthy office 2As a manager, there are always ways to improve your employees’ quality of life. In today’s more health-conscious atmosphere, providing staff with opportunities to improve their health on the job can be useful in raising morale, building employee loyalty, and generally making them happier. This doesn’t necessarily mean forcing employees into the sort of clichéd group activities that they dread, but it does mean that you can encourage good habits and strengthen ties within your company at the same time.

Take the example of major corporations like Google and Facebook. While your business is likely much smaller than giants like these, and probably has a fraction of the budget to allocate towards employee satisfaction, it’s good to look at their overwhelmingly successful policies for the parts that you can attempt to recreate. Their office complexes include ample recreation space, a wide variety of wholesome eating options, frequent group activities, and promotional offers for local businesses relating to fitness and relaxation. As a result, their employees report some of the highest ratings of satisfaction with their jobs of any field.

healthy office 3What sort of benefits can you provide to staff? Gym memberships are a popular option, but often go unused. With the culture shift of today, membership at yoga studios or other forms of fitness may appeal to younger employees. Certificates for action or adventure sports are luxuries that your workforce may not normally choose to spend their wages on, but can make great bonuses and group activities. Some businesses form relationships with local massage therapists or other practitioners that can aid in de-stressing, in order to provide these services to staff regularly at the office.

healthy office 1When it comes to food, office cafeterias often have fairly dismal offerings. Instituting more vegetarian options, less fried dishes, and better quality ingredients can have a positive impact. Additionally, permitting employees more time on their lunch break may encourage them to avoid fast food options when eating out. Make a list of restaurants that deliver to your area, allowing your staff to eat better meals without having to wait for preparation.

We rarely think of the business world as a place to improve health, but it certainly can be. By instituting minor changes, or bigger ones if your budget allows, you can make a big different in the way that your staff approaches the work day. If they feel like their job is fulfilling not only in the tasks that it sets out for them but also in the sense that it provides genuine benefits to their health and wellbeing, they will perform better and want to stay with your company for longer. Don’t underestimate the power of a healthier, happier workforce. What can you do to make this happen?

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