Creating a productive atmosphere for businesses

Creating a productive atmosphere for businesses
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When searching for business premises, many will talk about the importance of location, in relation to solid transport links, potential customer bases and client engagement. However, one aspect that many will  glaze over is the importance of creating a productive atmosphere for your employees. Not only is the location and design of your premises important in branding your business, but it could ultimately boost staff morale in the long term.

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Locate happiness among your employees

The location of a business is vital for attracting customer traffic and offering great links for potential clients. There will undoubtedly be a large supply of commercial property for rent in London that will offer ‘prime’ locations. However beyond this, employee retention and happiness is important. Making sure that the premises is easy for your staff members to get to, and ensuring that there are enough shops and cafes nearby to encourage them to take their lunch-time break outside, means that workers will generally be happier. Other questions to ask yourself in regards to location are:

  • Are there parking facilities for your staff members?
  • Is the area accessible for pregnant workers or those who may be reaching retirement?
  • Is there security on the premises?
  • Are there any strict zoning requirements that will annoy workers?

‘Searching’ for the ideal office space

Once the right location has been picked, employee satisfaction does not just end there; it becomes even more important once they enter the building. Various companies have proved in the past how they have kept their staff happy by elaborate, interesting and vivid design schemes.

Google is a great example of this. The online giant’s 160,000 sq ft development in central London is not only in the middle of accessible transport links, but it’s vibrant workspace indoors is simply a sight to behold. Workspaces will vary from the Velourmptious snug, a green, padded throwback to the traditional British pub, to the Granny’s Flat room, which features chintzy chairs and all the tassles you need in the world. Other working areas include padded-cell meeting rooms, a ‘Town Hall’ that seats 200 people and features a video wall with velvet curtains, and even a recycled jet-fighter ejector seat.

Beyond the workspaces, employees have also been encouraged to get in touch with their green fingers, with allotments on the ninth floor allowing workers to be on a waiting list to be assigned certified IPE timber tubs, in which to sow their seeds. Furthermore, the ‘Hedge Your Bets’ secret garden on the roof terrace will offer staff members Wi-Fi services and stunning panoramic shots of London.

Innocently boosting worker engagement

Innocent Smoothies is another company renowned for it’s interesting office designs. Looking more like an indoor picnic than a place of work, the area has a specific ‘chill out zone’ to keep workers smiling. The firm will also offer free breakfast for all staff, unlimited supply of Innocent smoothies, and don’t forget the large football table.

The office also features suspended basket chairs in small alcoves to encourage lunchtime naps, whilst a 300 sq ft beer garden outside is perfect for a lovely summer’s day.

So what does all of this mean? Creating a productive atmosphere will equate to happier workers, inevitably meaning a healthier business.  It won’t be long until all of your employees start bragging to their friends about their amazing office.


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