Foods And Drinks That Will Stain Your Teeth

Foods And Drinks That Will Stain Your Teeth
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Whiter teeth can easily be fixed by whitening, but this is not always the point, it is always extremely important to realise how your teeth got that way in the first place and how to avoid it in the future. While things like whitening are very useful, it is obviously ideal to maintain your teeth well enough that it is only necessary very infrequently. This article will talk more about food and drinks that are likely to stain your teeth.

Red Wine

Red wine is known to stain everything it touches, even the lips of those that have consumed a lot of it! This is obviously no exception when it comes to your teeth, and it is also important to know that it is quite acidic and can damage tooth enamel. Therefore it is a good idea to enjoy wine only in moderation and to periodically drink water whilst consuming it.


Coffee is also another drink that tends to stain teeth, particularly when it comes to especially dark roasts. If at all possible, opt for a lighter blend or try to keep your coffee consumption to a minimum. Another option is to only opt for smaller coffees, such as espresso, which will minimise the time that the coffee will be in contact with the teeth.


Just like coffee, tea can also be a cause of staining of the teeth, especially with teas that are brewed for a long time, which results in a tea that is more likely to stain the teeth. Lighter blends of tea will have much less of a staining effect, so try different varieties, such as white or green tea. It is also said that adding milk to tea and coffee can help to avoid staining.

Brightly coloured fruits

Generally speaking, fruits with bright colours, such as berries, can stain your teeth when consumed in large quantities. This follows the same logic as red wine, which is made from red grapes. It is important not to consume too many of these fruits, but obviously it is a great idea to have them in your diet for the health benefits that they bring.

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