Gaining Immense Knowledge in Patent Research    

Gaining Immense Knowledge in Patent Research    
December 10, 2014 Comments Off on Gaining Immense Knowledge in Patent Research     General Pandora Kornfeld

Patent research is defined as a systemic evaluation of patent data to help determine/identify commercial trends and technology in order to ensure suitable implementation, monetization and protection of inventions. If you have an invention, you don’t have to do the patent or innovation research on your own. There are many patent research services that will do the needful for you. Before you assign any patent related work to a patent service, you will have to understand some key terms such as Prior Art Search, Novelty Search, Validity, Invalidity, Patent Infringement Search, etc.

When you want detailed information on patents in your area of interest, you will have to seek the services of Patent Information and Information Retrieval companies. These companies have state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained personnel who can get absolutely any information that you are seeking out.

Some of the searches that patent companies are currently involved in are: Patentability/Prior-Art Search, State-of-the-Art Search, Validity/Invalidity Search, Freedom-to-Operate Search, and Infringement Search. Most patent search services have specializations and preferences for certain locale. So, it is imperative that you first identify the specializations and the places where the companies operate. In patent search, there are three main dimensions that matter the most. These dimensions are precision, turnaround time and cost. A patent service that excels in all these three dimensions is considered to be a very good service. Experts in the patent field will tell you that to achieve precision and excellence in patent searching needs technical expertise. A technically sound professional will surely understand the nuances of the customers and their queries.

Patent research services can produce good results when they have in-depth knowledge of databases and indexing systems. Thus, this implies that if a person does not know where to search information, he or she will never be able to give you accurate results. Another key aspect of patent search is experience, which is pivotal when there are different kinds of patents in question. The world of patents is constantly changing and evolving. As technological advancements occur at a faster pace these days; it is very important for the patent scientists to refurbish their skills and knowledge. Patent search services are constantly training their staff members, including scientists to adapt to the changing patent world. These services also have robust testing processes that ensure the scientists are regularly updated with the latest trends and technology.

With approximately 5 million patents and trademarks being filed each year, IP (intellectual property) as a strategic resource has been in the limelight over the past several years. Innovators and patent owners—both—have a lot at stake when the question of defining research and development focus arises. They need to be totally aware of the patent rules and regulations before they plan international product launches. A typical patent search or research organization comprises attorneys, patent agents, patent managers, intellectual Property counsel and information specialists, etc. Before you select a patent search or research firm, you will have to check if they have a good track record in encompassing several hundreds and thousands of prior art searches across different sectors and a plethora of technology domains.

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