Getting your school ready for the end of year ball

Getting your school ready for the end of year ball
February 20, 2014 Comments Off on Getting your school ready for the end of year ball Business Pandora Kornfeld

As we are approaching the Spring, the time is coming ti begin thinking about and planning your school’s end of year ball. After all, the sooner you start the better it’ll run!

There is a lot of planning involved in these events. Venues, entertainment, food, lighting and clean up crews must all be considered. Staff members usually spend months organising and arranging all that needs to be done in order to deliver an enjoyable and memorable ball.

Keeping costs low

One of the things that must be considered when planning an event of any size is the cost.

The dedicated staff members who will be organising the ball will spend hours searching for the cheapest and best service provider.

Finding the right venue

Holding the ball at the school may be the best option, but if the school is small or there isn’t a room large enough to accommodate all the guests then a more appropriate location will need to be found.

Hotel ballrooms make great venues for end of year balls as they are large and the business is used to accommodating big numbers of guests.

The hotel may also offer discounts for large parties, so it is worth asking about any offers they have.

Do you need transport?

If you have arranged to have the event at a location off campus then you will need to consider how the students will get there.

You could consider hiring coaches or minibuses, but these costs must be factored in to the overall budget.

Is the school willing to allow students to make their own way to the venue if they wish?

This will allow them to have the experience of riding in a limo., but will add complications to the event as staff members will need to keep track of who is coming by coach and who is making their own way.

Finding the right DJ

The perfect DJ will have previous experience of working similar types of events. They could have worked with the school in the past and have built up a good relationship with staff members. The right DJ will play appropriate music and get everybody up on the dancefloor.

The internet is a great resource for finding the right DJ as you’ll be able to compare prices and read reviews from previous customers.

Deciding on what food to serve

Before deciding on what type of food will be served at the ball you need to arrange the venue and work out how many guests will be attending, as this will inform your decision.

If the event will be held at the school then a buffet may be the best option as it can be prepared beforehand and set out before the ball starts.

A sit down meal may be more appropriate if you intend to use a hotel ballroom as the students can decide what they would like to eat beforehand and the hotel kitchen would easily be able to prepare large quantities of food.

The clean-up

If the event is being held at the school the likelihood is there will be a lot to clean up the day after.

School cleaners do not generally work weekends, so if the ball is taking place on a Friday then either staff will have to clean up or the mess will be left until the cleaners come in on Monday.

There is another option, organisers of the ball may want to arrange for a contract cleaner, such as Nviro, to come to the school the day after and clean up the party aftermath. This means the normal school cleaners won’t be shocked when they return after the weekend.

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