Give your online business presence a boost

Give your online business presence a boost
August 31, 2013 Comments Off on Give your online business presence a boost Blog,Business,Entrepreneur Pandora Kornfeld
Whether it is on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone – people are now using the internet to search for goods and services more than ever before.

A successful business will capitalise on this and make the most of the situation by giving their online business presence a boost. These simple tips could help you to become one of them.

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Get your website up to scratch

It is shocking how many business websites look like they haven’t been updated in the last ten years. Modern websites are tidy, uncluttered, well laid out and should be pleasing on the eye. They should also be adapted for view on different devices to ensure the best user experience.

It is not enough to simply have the name of your shop and a contact number, if someone sees what they want on your website at a good price they will buy it there and then if given the option. If the technology is not built into the website or it all looks confusing they won’t bother and may go straight to a competitor.


Embrace social media

You might not have your own personal Twitter or Facebook account for various reasons but for a business it is a brilliant platform to build awareness and engage the public.

You can add incentives or discount codes for those who “follow” your profile and keep people up to date with various offers or developments. By building a relationship with potential customers in this way you are encouraging future sales directly and indirectly.

Be sure not to get carried away by flooding people with un-necessary updates though as you might find yourself getting un-followed just as quickly!


Don’t neglect your emails

Your website and social media presence, along with existing custom, should be able to provide you with the email addresses of all your customers. Email marketing provided by Itineris is able to take that information and turn it into a successful marketing campaign that is concisely targeted and infinitely more cost effective than a regular ‘mail shot’.

It is a great way of keeping people informed of developments, new products and offers and is not something that should be neglected in the race to become the biggest brand on social media. Instead, it should be used in conjunction with these services to reaffirm your brand message and corporate image.


Understand Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Another step you can take to help boost your internet presence is to use an SEO agency. Regardless of how wonderful your website is, if it doesn’t show up on a search engine it is unlikely to receive much traffic.

It is possible to drastically increase the traffic coming to your website overnight when implementing correct SEO tactics which revolve around the idea of making you a high authority for particular keywords without paying for the privilege through PPC advertising. Instead, you rise to the top of search engine rankings using natural means which focus around keyword targeting and content distribution.


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