House Insurance – Are You Covered?

House Insurance – Are You Covered?
July 13, 2013 Comments Off on House Insurance – Are You Covered? General Pandora Kornfeld

House Insurance – it’s one of those things you may have considered getting, but have been putting off. Here’s why you shouldn’t leave this vital issue on the long finger:

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Take the following scenario into consideration. A couple has saved up for 3 years to scrape together enough to show to the bank that they are good candidates for a mortgage. (banks will usually lend 90% of the total mortgage, so this couple would have needed to save 10% of the total they are looking to borrow)

Eventually, they find their dream home – it is everything they have ever wanted. Over time, they have worked away, room by room, in creating their perfect living space. They have accumulated many items for distribution throughout their home – furniture, television, fitted kitchen etc.

All of this had to be done on a room by room basis, with one room being finished as savings would allow, before starting on the next room. This is how many couples make their house a home, when on a tight budget.

Where our couple differs from some is, they have overlooked the issue of insuring their home. So what would happen if say, there was a fire in the house one night? They could stand to lose everything they have scrimped and saved for over the last however many years. If bad enough, the whole house could be lost, and this couple would have no choice but to start all over again.

Another scenario could be where there is a burglary, and all of the valuable belongings have been swiped overnight – all will need to be bought again – start over from scratch.

However, had the couple been insured, all of this hardship could have been avoided. House Insurance is generally affordable to the majority of people  nowadays, and can be set up to be deducted from your bank account via Direct Debit, so the process couldn’t be simpler.

Taking out a House Insurance policy is really something that should need no debate – it is a no brainer. From ensuring that in the event of theft,  up to total loss of your home, you can rest assured that you are covered for almost an eventuality. If it was a thing you ever did lose your home, some policies will even cover your accommodation for you.

This is why you need to consider House Insurance. Make it top of your list of purchases for your home, today!

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