How can orienteering help build team unity?

How can orienteering help build team unity?
March 23, 2014 Comments Off on How can orienteering help build team unity? Employee,Manager Pandora Kornfeld

Productivity is something that all managers want out of their team, but if you’re working in a team environment, this isn’t always possible if team members don’t know each other or don’t really get along. This is where the manager needs to facilitate some events where people can work together for a team goal that will hopefully help the business in the long run.

There are plenty of different team-building activities – some that include problem solving in the office or a quiz night at a pub. One very popular form of team-building is to set up an orienteering event where workers are often taken out of their comfort zone to work together.

Orienteering should bring together team members with different skill sets so they can work alongside one another to solve navigational problems.

What to expect at an orienteering event

An orienteering team building exercise can heighten both the fun and competitive aspects of being a team, as well as creating special decision-making situations that could focus on more recreation or business-related training. Events will often include custom designed courses that help to meet the needs of the group.

Your workers will be split up into groups and introduced to team building concepts through different activities and provided with technical orienteering instruction so everyone has the necessary tools to work together. They will then get a course map and be given instructions on how the exercise will be carried out. It is then up to your workers to work together as a team to ensure they come out on top against everyone else. And to round off a good day, why not enjoy a meal and some drinks with your colleagues after the event.

What’s the purpose of team building?

We all know what the perfect scenario is from a team building exercise – everyone returns best of friends and are able to work much more productively with one another. However, we don’t live in a perfect world so let’s not pretend we do. The main hope from going orienteering is that people get on with each other better than they did before the exercise. A harmonious workplace is a much more pleasant place to work and this in turn could lead to better productivity, lower staff turnover and a world-class culture to help attract and retain the best talent.

Keep the brand at heart for any orienteering

While it is important that everyone goes out and works as a team to build a stronger bond with one another, it is equally vital that staff don’t lose sight of why they are doing it. Use a teambuilding event to reinforce your brand values and reiterate key strategic objectives.

To help build brand awareness, ensure that everyone taking part in the event is wearing branded clothing with your company logo emblazoned on it. Distribute personalised sports bottles if the weather is expected to be hot and sunny. To check out all the different promotional items available to you, look at 4imprint.

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