How can running clubs promote their brand?

How can running clubs promote their brand?
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There are a variety of different reasons as to why people take up running, but the lack of essential equipment – a pair of trainers is all you actually need – make it a popular choice among people looking to increase their levels of fitness.

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It is often said that running can become addictive and many people quickly look to push themselves harder, either by running further, quicker or over more difficult terrains. Yet, despite the popularity of running, relatively few runners join a dedicated club.

To increase their membership numbers, running clubs should look at ways in which they can boost their profile. And that’s where promotional items can help! If you belong to a running club, consider using promotional clothing so that recipients become a ‘running billboard’ for your club (and their call to action). Here are a few suggestions:

Sporting jackets

I know from experience that running when the weather turns cold over winter is something no one particularly enjoys, but it is a year-round hobby and unless you’re willing to let your fitness levels drop over this period, it is important to dig deep and keep going.

An appropriate jacket can make all the difference as it will keep you warm, but not cause you to get too hot and will not restrict movement in the same way traditional outerwear may do. Jackets have a particularly large branding area which is fantastic for printing a large call to action.

Bags and backpacks

Those that are running particularly long distances may have items they need to take with them during a run. For example, a change of socks if they are likely to get wet or muddy, or even an energy-boosting snack.

Backpacks are suitable for some people, but depending on the amount of things they need to carry, some runners use drawstring bags as their straps are smaller and are less likely to disrupt the natural action of running. Both items can be printed with the running club’s name and logo.

Backpacks and drawstring bags can be manufactured in a variety of bright colours, which will help runners stand out and reduce the risk of an accident on the roads.


Another product that will help to keep runners safe are reflective wristbands. These can also feature the running club’s details and are particularly useful when running in the evening or at night because the light from car headlights will reflect off them.

Hi-visibility clothing

Of course, the products that are most likely to improve the safety of runners on the roads are items of hi-vis clothing. Fluorescent jackets contain reflective strips that make them the perfect choice, while most are so lightweight they can be worn over a jacket in the winter months.

As the weather worsens, runners may look to keep their head warm or sheltered from rain and snow. In these conditions, hi-vis beanie hats are the perfect items to distribute to members of a running club. Not only will they keep the person warm, but they will also help to make them more visible.

All of these hi-vis items can be printed with the running club’s name and logo to raise awareness and potentially encourage other people to join up.


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