How to add structure to a sales recruitment drive

How to add structure to a sales recruitment drive
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Recruiting sales executives is, as you might have guessed, no easy task. Some of the best sellers out there come with large personalities and need to be managed properly if they are to be correctly assessed and assigned to their best role.

But this problem can be mitigated if a proper structure is put in place for firms looking to recruit sales staff. Simply putting a few safeguards in place and implementing a thorough screening process can sort the wheat from the chaff and make sure you get the best people for your business.

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But how exactly do you do this? Here are some quick tips:

Screening is essential

Properly screening staff is a really important part of making sure that you get the workforce needed to drive forward high, sustainable profit levels.

The most popular method used by employers is the submission of CVs by applicants, but this simply won’t be enough in this day and age to get the best and brightest. Instead, a number of newer, more progressive tools should be utilised to assess which candidates should be taken through to an interview stage.

Video resumes, for example, are rising in popularity among retail and sales staff, as soft skills – such as ability to dress for an occasion, as well as personality and charisma – are easily demonstrated if this method is utilised.

Ensure everyone knows what you want

It is absolutely vital that everyone in the recruitment process is made aware what the goals of an employment drive are before any other operations begin. Getting everything pitch perfect, from the job advert and description to the profile of a preferred employee, is key if hiring managers, sales executives and candidates are to come out of the situation happy.

Perhaps the best way of reaching this end-point is to, quite simply, arrange a meeting of all parties involved and create a flow-chart so that all parties know their role and how they should operationalise the goal of getting the best applicants possible onto a sales desk.

Set enough time aside

There can be a temptation to simply rush into a recruitment drive, after all, it’s an exciting moment to expand your business with new staff. But experts in the industry state that a period of around one and a half days should be set aside solely for the purposes of structuring the process so that everything runs smoothly.

If this isn’t done properly, it can be a disaster for balance sheets, with some estimates forecasting that it costs employers 3.5 times the base annual salary of a poorly hired employee to resolve the situation. In practical terms this means the badly managed recruitment of a sales executive earning £40,000 could cost as much as £140,000!

Utilise a sales recruitment firm

All of this is well and good, but actioning a proper plan to structure a recruitment drive is very difficult to operationalise and can prove tricky for even the most experienced of hiring managers. So what are the alternatives?

Many companies opt to use specialist firms that have years of expertise in structuring the procurement of experienced, valuable staff. Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment, for example, has worked with a number of high profile industry clients, as well as small and medium-sized businesses to make sure the best worker is matched with the best role.


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