What To Look For in a Great Dental Practice

What To Look For in a Great Dental Practice
October 22, 2018 Comments Off on What To Look For in a Great Dental Practice Health Pandora Kornfeld

Whether you have just moved somewhere new or you are simply looking to upgrade your dental care knowing what to look for in a great dental practice is essential. I went to a dentist in Cardiff for many years simply because it was most convenient and it wasn’t until I needed an emergency appointment elsewhere that I realized my own dentists was no longer up to scratch. When it comes to looking for a great dental practice for you and your family, here is what you should be looking out for in order to make sure that it can provide the best care for the whole family.

First Impressions

First impressions are everything and whilst I understand why some dentists rent smaller, more hidden away spaces, any dental practice worth its salt should look great from the outside, as this is usually an indication of what is going on inside. If possible try to avoid backstreet dentists and instead look for one which is in a great location and which looks great from the outset.

Ready Appointments

Many dentists unfortunately overbook their customer list and this results in finding it very difficult to get an appointment with any kind of rush. You shouldn’t have to wait more than 3 days for a dental appointment so this is something else that you should be looking for. If you have a few dental practices in mind, the best course of action is to simply try and get an appointment in each, and see how long it takes.

The Care

Once you have managed to secure yourself a dentist appointment you need to focus on the care and the attention that you are given. Start looking into this from the moment that you walk into the practice, you should be greeted in a welcoming way and you should feel comfortable in your environment whether you are sat in the waiting room or the dentist’s chair. Dentists are definitely improving in recent years from a service standpoint but unfortunately many are lagging behind. You want the whole treatment when you go to the dentist so be sure to watch out for how they care about you.


You can check out the quality of your dentist on the dental register and here you will be able to see their levels of qualification and any awards or honors which they have. It is important to try and get the very best dentist that you can as whist there is an industry standard, the difference between those at the bottom of that standard and those at the top is large.


It should go without saying but you must ensure that the dentist which you have chosen is one which is highly hygienic. When it comes to sensitive areas like the gums, infections can happen very easily and your dentist should be clean and well kept. If you have any reason to believe that the dentist is not very hygienic then you need to find another one as soon as possible.

Do your research and get you and your family the best dental treatment possible.

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