Preventative Care for Your Teeth.

Preventative Care for Your Teeth.
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Everybody knows how important it is to look after your teeth and regular visits to your dentist are essential if you want to eliminate expensive procedures in the future. The old saying ‘prevention is better than the cure’ could not be more correct when it comes to having healthy teeth, so here are three top tips on some preventative measures your local dentist can offer to help prevent any costly future problems and oral health issues.


  1. Visit your dentist on a regular basis. This will allow your dentist the opportunity to keep a record of the condition of both your teeth and gums. Your dentist will be able to spot potential issues before they happen and work out some form of treatment plan to stop the progression of things like gum disease, which you may not even notice you have. You may not know this but gum disease is responsible for the loss of more teeth than actual tooth decay itself.
  2. Book an appointment with your local dental hygienist. A good dental hygienist will make sure that your oral health is in good condition and as well as removing hard and soft plaque deposits from your teeth, a good one will also instruct you how to brush your teeth correctly, and how to use dental floss to clean those gaps between the teeth that normal brushing does not reach. They may also apply coatings to the teeth like fluoride and sealants to help protect your teeth, and they will also provide dietary advice so you know which kinds of food and beverages are more likely to inflict damage to your teeth.
  3. Enquire about oral cancer screening availability. Believe it or not, but most oral cancers are detected not by doctors but by your dentist. Whilst performing your regular check up, your dentist can also do an examination of the overall general health of your mouth cavity, tongue and gums for any precancerous and cancerous conditions such as lesions. People in high risk groups such as smokers or people who have been diagnosed with it previously may want to take full advantage of this particular service. Early detection is crucial if you want to give yourself a better chance of curing cancer of the mouth.

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