Is there a set up fee for MAS?

Is there a set up fee for MAS?
March 2, 2017 Comments Off on Is there a set up fee for MAS? Entrepreneur Pandora Kornfeld



If you are a new entrepreneur, you probably already know that money can be tight! That is why you should reach out to the merchant account services provider that offers you the best deal at the best price, without compromising on customer service in the process. Merchant Account Solutions, for example, is a merchant account processor that does their very best to ensure that their prices are fair. In fact, they strive to have the lowest prices around. They also offer great deals like a free credit card machine for their clients!

Free Credit Card Machine

One of the most disheartening situations for the new business owner often comes when they begin looking at the prices that their technology and services are going to cost them. The prices are often far more than what they were hoping to pay, and many services add expensive set up fees and equipment fees on top of their base service prices. This is why you should take the time to research your options! Merchant Account Solutions, for example, offers a free credit card machine along with no setup fee whatsoever! That means that you can set up your service and get some free technology, always of high quality, on the way.


When making a decision about your merchant account provider, you might be tempted to just pick blindly and get at least some service set up. You should really hold out for the service that offers the right kind of technology to suit your needs. A provider that offers processing with QuickBooks along with a free online merchant account, for example, is probably the best option you can find.

At Merchant Account Solutions, they believe in providing top-tier support with no set up costs and even offer free technology to sweeten the deal! Take a look at their website today.


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