How to Spot a Bad Dentist

How to Spot a Bad Dentist
October 25, 2018 Comments Off on How to Spot a Bad Dentist Health Pandora Kornfeld


Having spent many years in Northern Ireland myself and my family now have the best dentist Belfast has to offer, but it wasn’t always this way. In fat for many years we went from one dentist to another trying to get the  best possible dental care for my family. Somewhat surprisingly there are many of my friends who go to poor quality dentists and don’t realize it. After we have spoken about the difference between my dentist and theirs, it quickly becomes apparent that their service is sub-standard. The question that remains therefore is whether or not you have a good dentist? If you are not sure, here are some signs to watch out for, that may suggest that you don’t have a great dentist. 


Hygiene should not even be called into question when we are talking about a dental practice but you would be shocked at how some of them approach hygiene within the surgery. When you are dealing with teeth and gums infections can happen at great speed which means that must ensure that the dentist which you use has a high focus on keeping the place clean and germ free. 


Whether they like it or not dentistry is very much a service industry and as such we as clients should demand the very best service. Whether this be talking on the phone with the receptionist, dealing with the dental nurse, the orthodontist or the dentist themselves, you should expect to be treated with excellent customer service at all times. 


Unless it is an extraordinary case, you shouldn’t have to wait for a dental appointment for more than 3 or maximum 4 days, any more than this and it would suggest that the dentist has overfilled their register and this is why they have no time. For most patients that aren’t calling up for a checkup, 3 days is an awfully long time, especially if that person is in a great deal of pain. 


A cancellation once in a while is nothing to worry about but if it happens with more frequency than that it suggests that the dental practice is highly disorganized. Most well run dental practices only cancel in the rare case that a mistake has been made or because of a staffing emergency, other than that appointments usually run very smoothly. If you have been cancelled on more than once in the last year, it is time to find someone better. 

Poor Work 

If you have had secondary problems as a result of a treatment which the dentist has carried out, it could mean that they didn’t carry the work out well enough in the first instance. If you have any concerns about the quality of your dentist’s work then it makes sense to go to another practice to have it checked out. 

If you are concerned that your dentist is not the best, it is time to search for someone better. 

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