Start up in the right way: five tech tips for start-ups and entrepreneurs

Start up in the right way: five tech tips for start-ups and entrepreneurs
July 9, 2013 Comments Off on Start up in the right way: five tech tips for start-ups and entrepreneurs Blog,Entrepreneur,Manager,Money Pandora Kornfeld

Starting up your own business has never been easier. With the rise of the internet and a range of gadgets to assist you along the way, becoming an entrepreneur is now something that you can do in your sleep, right?

Wrong. While technology can make it a lot easier for people to develop their own start-ups, this only applies if you know how to use technology to benefit your business – otherwise, technology just becomes another annoying ball to juggle. Here are five things that you should remember in order to make technology your number one employee:

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Be consistent with your online brand

The Internet is based upon notions of familiarity. You want people to remember your Twitter handle, your Facebook page, your blog account, your website, and ultimately, your brand; and how do you do that? By making them all the same! Your online branding is the same as any other form of branding – you wouldn’t have five different company logos, so you shouldn’t have five different social media designs. Not only does this consistency make it easier for customers (and those all-important investors) to find you, but it helps your brand to appear more professional and focused. In addition, with the vast amount of information out there, it will be easier for customers to remember one brand rather than five different versions of one brand.

Try to find devices that can do more than one job for you

One word: smartphone. It is a wonder than anyone managed to establish a start-up without one. Keep your calendar, email correspondence and contacts all in the one place and, if you’re going at this entrepreneurial endeavour alone, it could be the only piece of tech equipment you really need.

Develop tech-habits, and stick to them

Check your emails four times a day, if not more. And reply to all of the emails that you need to. Update your social media accounts once a day. You need to treat your company’s online profile as seriously as you would face-to-face networking, because online networking is replacing those industry events that used to be so good for drumming up business.

Invest in some quality tech equipment, even if your office is just your bedroom

Earlier on in this article, it was mentioned that you might only need a smartphone to carry out your business. While this is true to an extent, if you’re going to be doing anything beyond the realm of the Internet, it is good to have the right equipment at hand. Invest in a printer, scanner and photocopier, so that you don’t find yourself running down to the library or your local office supplies store every time a document needs to jump out of your computer screen.

Back-up, back-up, back-up

Did we mention back-up? Be sure to keep a copy of everything you do. A cloud service could be useful for this, but even a USB stick will suffice. A proper business needs to keep records of all of its operations, and it will only be when someone asks to see that from two years ago that you’ll realise how important every document that comes through your hands is.

Frances Lucy is a wannabe entrepreneur from Sydney. She thinks that cloud computing is a must for any budding business(wo)man, so maybe SAAS hosting is something that she should look into?

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