Superstitions suggest you can boost your chance of winning the Lottery

Superstitions suggest you can boost your chance of winning the Lottery
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Some people believe that you can trick fate and somehow increase your luck. Have you ever followed a superstition before playing the Lottery? If the answer’s yes, then you’re probably not alone.

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Research suggests the British are a superstitious bunch
Research conducted recently by The Betway Group revealed that 5.8 million people in the UK admit to being superstitious.

Perhaps surprisingly, more than 800,000 in Britain have admitted to believing that there is such a thing as lucky underwear. A lock from your baby’s first haircut is also believed by many people to bring good luck, as is a rabbit’s foot.

An even greater number of people questioned – some 2.7 million – said they believed that if they were able to blow out all of the candles on their cake in one go, the thing they wished for would come true.

It’s possible that some of those same people have wished for a Lottery win, although it would be impossible to tell how many of the game’s millionaires made their wish come true by blowing out candles on a cake.

Lucky numbers 

Of those surveyed, more than 4.3 million people believed that a lucky number would bring them good fortune. No doubt the people who trust in the power of digits use numbers that mean something to them when picking their lines on the Lottery.

Number seven came out as the top lucky number; while perhaps surprisingly number 13 came next, then three, eight and five.

Superstitions relating to money

There are a lot of superstitions that persuade people that they may come into money. Itching your right hand is supposed to be a sign that you’re about to become wealthy. Likewise, some people think that seeing a group of bubbles on the top of a cup of coffee is a sign that cash is coming their way.

Lottery syndicates increase your luck

If you’re not convinced about the power of superstitions then why not consider playing in a Lottery Syndicate? This is a proven way of improving your chances of winning for less winning and will definitely give you more bang for your buck when you play.

Although you’ll have to share your winnings with fellow syndicate members, the more lines you have, the better the odds are that one of them will come up.

The statistics show that one quarter of Lottery jackpots are won by syndicates. So why not boost your buying power at the same time as upping your chances of winning big?

Beginner’s luck for one Lottery Syndicate

Some people believe there is such a thing as beginner’s luck and it arguably came into play for one Lottery Syndicate which scooped £1 million the very first time they played.

In 2011, the National Lottery ran a special draw which guaranteed 18 £1 million prizes in the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle.

Due to the excitement of this huge draw, a syndicate of 25 staff and regulars at the Beech Tree pub in Cheadle, Cheshire, decided to put together a group of people to play.

Syndicate leader David Edwards said: “I never thought we would be one of the winners. I had to double check in two different places because I just could not believe our luck.”

You can find out more about how you could become part of a Lottery Syndicate and possibly become one of the game’s lucky winners here.



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