Ten Things You Could Do With £5,000

Ten Things You Could Do With £5,000
April 22, 2013 Comments Off on Ten Things You Could Do With £5,000 Money,Tips Pandora Kornfeld

We all dream of a financial windfall such as an inheritance, winning cash on an online bingo game, money from the sale of a property or hitting the big time on the lottery.

But what would you do if you suddenly found yourself with £5,000? How about a trip to the Big Apple? Or maybe you’d prefer to treat your best girl friends to a spa weekend complete with champagne?

Here are some suggestions of what, and where, £5,000 could get you.


How many of you instantly thought of blowing the cash on clothes?! For fans of shopping, forget the high street and hot foot it to the Big Apple instead – New York has got to be up there on the list of dream shopping destinations.

Imagine sipping on a Manhattan, while in Manhattan, with designer shopping bags at your feet after a fun day visiting the city’s boutiques.

Hang out with pals

One sure fire way to get into your friends’ good books is to spoil your best girl mates with a spa weekend. Treat yourselves to some rest and relaxation, have a giggle, sip champagne and leave feeling and looking a million dollars.

Or how about bonding over bingo? Playing the traditional game is a rising trend, with many women saying they prefer to spend their time – and money – indulging in a spot of eyes down action rather than sweating in an overpriced club.


Your burning desires to catch the Northern Lights, see the Taj Mahal or take a boat ride along the canals of Venice can now be achieved – what are you waiting for? Book that flight and five-star hotel immediately!

Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list – a note of all the things you want to do before a certain age? Perhaps swimming with dolphins – or for the brave, sharks – is your thing? Now’s the time to don your wetsuit and work your way through your list.


Ever heard of ‘thrillaxing’? It’s the daredevil’s alternative to a relaxing beach holiday. Instead of taking it easy, the more adventurous out there might prefer bungee jumping into the Grand Canyon, trekking through Machu Picchu or taking on Everest.

Get married

Is your wedding on the cards? Then add £5,000 to the pot to make sure the finer details are just as you imagined them to be – beautiful table displays, exotic flowers and keepsakes for your guests needn’t be eliminated anymore.


For foodies, £5,000 can get you some pretty incredible ingredients to wow dinner party guests.

Treat yourself to some Wagyu beef, which hails from Japan and can cost hundreds of pounds for one fillet. A cut of this world-renowned delicacy is characterised by its unique marbled appearance and distinguished flavour and texture, which is rich, buttery and melts in your mouth.


But why pay for expensive ingredients when you can dine out at luxurious restaurants and let a top chef do the hard work instead?

For a totally unique experience, have dinner in the sky. Yes, you read right. One luxury restaurant hoists you and your fellow diners 100 ft up into the air where you are treated to a slap-up meal while overlooking Las Vegas or Paris.


Buying precious metals and gemstones will not only make you look and feel like an A-list celebrity, but they’re also a good investment.

Vintage and antique items are unique and can provide a welcome return – just make sure you’re not investing in a lump of coal but the genuine article.

Be sensible

It’s nice to dream of splurging £5,000 on something you would never be able to do otherwise, but being sensible is another option. That doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you enjoy – be it spending a little on shopping or playing online bingo.

Investing in your future – perhaps with a deposit for a car, towards a house or your children’s education – is worthy of a cash injection and you can be sure that not a penny will go to waste.


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