The curse of the stick: student bar floors

The curse of the stick: student bar floors
August 21, 2013 Comments Off on The curse of the stick: student bar floors Blog,Business Pandora Kornfeld

Keeping on top of cleanliness in a student bar can be a daunting task, but one that can soon escalate if the right measures are not put in place.

The student bar is far more than a place to drink and party. It is a place to socialise with new friends and make bonds which are quintessential to a healthy university life. In that way, it should be viewed as a resource by educational establishments, much like the books on the library shelves or technological classroom aids.

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But keeping fresh throughout the academic year can be a troublesome task, and as the events start to pile up, many universities fall prey to the curse of the sticky floor. General wear and tear can erode the floors’ protection, and spillage of drinks which are often sugar-heavy can quickly build up sticky patches on the surface. Without timely and professional maintenance, the most popular building on campus can quickly turn into the most avoided.

But why take time to clean up spaces such as the university bar? Well, first and foremost, potential students often make university choices based on the attractiveness of the university campus, and tours of the premises are taken year-round. It is also important to take care of current students and ensure they have a retreat from the challenges of their academic calender. University bars often attract bands or events, which can bring monetary value and offer a retreat for the students.

To help you keep on top of your student bar, we’ve compiled a few tips which will permanently relieve your establishment of the curse of the stick floor.

Deep clean

If the bar floor has already sucummed to the curse of the sticky floor, a deep clean will be in order. First, fill a bucket with steaming hot water and floor cleaner and give the entire surface a good scrub, refilling and refreshing the mop as frequently as possible. Once the floor has dried, check which areas still have sticky patches. For these areas consider using white vinegar or ammonia and water. Also, instead of waiting for the floor to dry, use old rags to ensure all the residue is cleaned up.

Regular service

The most important aspect of a university clean is routineness and regularity. Especially in areas such as the student bar, the floors and surfaces can become layed with dirt and spillages in no time at all, which is why administering a regular clean is crucial in staying on top of it.

There are several specialist cleaning providers which can take care of all spaces which are heavily used throughout the year. As well as ensuring the health and safety of staff and pupils, this will also ensure the premises look aesthetically pleasing all year around, creating a positive vibe among prospective students and current pupils.


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