The Warm UP Technique That Timeshare Sales People Use

The Warm UP Technique That Timeshare Sales People Use
May 9, 2013 Comments Off on The Warm UP Technique That Timeshare Sales People Use General Pandora Kornfeld

It’s a well known fact that in order to get someone to buy something off you, you need to build some sort of relationship with them. Something that connects the two of you. It could be as simple as a handshake and as quick as 3 seconds. It all depends.


Timeshare sales people are trained in a plethora of persuasive techniques, all with the end goal of making a sale.

Some clients will need to be worked on for a longer duration than others. If there’s a lady client present, she might have her bag or purse held tightly against her side – this all relates to body language.

The warm up period is used by these clever sales people to dissolve this barrier and get the client(s) more comfortable. They will watch for signs over the conversation that the client is starting to relax.

The sales people will take control from the very first second they meet you. You could be asked “would you like to sit in the shade or the sun”? “Would you like a cold drink or a hot drink”? etc. People like having a choice, but not too much of a choice. So they will never ask you “What kind of drink would you like”?

The clients will be unaware that the salesman is controlling the conversation, and he’s getting them used to making quick decisions. The clients will view the salesman as being very polite and easy to talk to.

Once the clients order their drinks, the salesman continues his warm up technique. People love to talk about themselves, and he knows this, so he talk 20% of the time and listen for the other 80%. They will find a common ground to talk on but will keep the conversation geared towards the wife or girlfriend, to make sure that she doesn’t lose interest or feel left out. That’s why, you’ll never hear them talking about football or any sport for that matter. It’s not good for the sales pitch and conditioning procedure.

There is generally two types of warm up – the “Waiting for the bus warm up” and the “Pub warm up”.

The waiting for the bus one is where you’d casually make light conversation with whoever is there waiting with you for the bus and never really build up a relationship. The pub warm up on the other hand is the real gem. You have a nice social relaxed state, and you strike up a conversation with whoever is there and then all of a sudden you’re buying each other drinks and patting each other on the back.

It’s the pub warm up atmosphere vibe that all these timeshare sales people want to get their clients feeling – and as soon as they can.

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