Things to consider when buying multifunction printers

Things to consider when buying multifunction printers
February 20, 2014 Comments Off on Things to consider when buying multifunction printers Business,Entrepreneur Pandora Kornfeld

One of the main technological developments in the last few years, although not as headline-grabbing as smartphones, tablets and the like, has been multifunction printers.

Gone are the days when even the smallest of officers would need half a dozen different large and clunky devices to carry out essential tasks such as copying, faxing and scanning.

Companies can now invest in just one device to replace all of these – a multifunction printer. But what do firms need to think about before they are ready to select one of these devices?

Your requirements

One of the first things any organisation has to do before it is ready to purchase new multifunction printers is to consider what its requirements for the devices are.

Will the firm need the printer to be able to manage forms? Does the business need a device that can simplify workflow? Or is it just a printer that is also able to handle scanning and copying?

Once the company has made a list of the features it needs from any new all-in-one printer it buys, it is ready to look into the cost benefits of doing so.

Cost/value benefits

Among the main reasons companies will be investing in multifunction printers is that they are more cost-efficient than the scanners, copiers and printers they can replace in the office.

Instead of running five or six different energy-intensive machines, a business will find it is able to get rid of all of these and instead use just the one multifunction printer, which can result in major savings on the office’s electricity bills.

There’s also the boost to the environment to consider and with many organisations becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the planet, how vital this is cannot be underestimated.

With consumers placing more importance on the environment, businesses must make sure their carbon footprint is as small as possible and that they are not wasting energy.

Investing in all-in-one printers will also free up space in the office that can be used for something else, although companies should calculate the cost of supplies before making a purchase.

Multitasking abilities

Although multifunction printers will typically enable a business to get rid of older devices such as scanners and copiers, companies will need to check the multitasking ability of any machine they buy before handing over their money.

It’s all very well having a device in the office that can take on a number of different jobs, but if it is only going to be able to do one thing at once then this could slow down work for members of staff. Envisage a situation where people end up queuing to use the printer – this is something businesses will want to avoid if they intend to be as efficient as possible.

Security and confidentiality

The internet is now absolutely crucial to companies, but it brings risks as well as benefits. Security concerns are paramount, especially for businesses that handle sensitive information about their clients and customers, so it’s important to check what safeguards a multifunction printer has in place.

These devices tend to be wireless now, so measures need to be taken in order to ensure nobody can hack into the system and access sensitive documents remotely.

Furthermore, organisations are going to be becoming increasingly interested in the bi-directional communication capabilities of any device they introduce to the office in the coming years.

Once all of these factors have been carefully considered, a company is ready to select the right colour multifunction printer to suit the needs of their office and reap the rewards of the new technology and the cost savings it can provide.

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