Use NYC to Get Your New Business Off the Ground

Use NYC to Get Your New Business Off the Ground
November 26, 2015 Comments Off on Use NYC to Get Your New Business Off the Ground General Pandora Kornfeld

Starting a new business can be a daunting task. Half of all new businesses fail within the first year. You may have experience, a great idea, a few bucks to start up and lots of advice from your friends and family. But there are a few things that a trip to NYC can do for you, to help you in most any business, to get the ball rolling. Here are a few tips:

  • Get connections there. Don’t start from the top and walk into Trump Plaza and demand to talk to the Donald. That isn’t going to work. Go to places where people are doing what you want to do and ask who the movers and the shakers of your industry are. Get the contact information of everyone you meet and take detailed notes. Work your way up the ladder of contacts until you can meet some of the most successful people in the field.
  • Look successful. Dress for success. Take a trip to a day spa and get a makeover. No matter what you think, people will judge you on your appearance.
  • If you don’t live in NY, take a look at people’s offices and retail establishments design and think about how you can bring that big-city NY look back home with you to incorporate into your own decorations. Shop for tools and fixtures and have them shipped back home to be waiting for you.
  • Think about staying in NY for your start-up period, then expanding outwards. NY has many perks and tax breaks in the Start-up NY program. Check their website for more information on the guidelines and the types of new businesses they are looking for helping.
  • Look for partners. Chances are, there are people there with similar dreams, but with slightly different skill sets or resources. Check out the “incubator” shops, where many small businesses share a building, while they get off the ground. Maybe what you need is to join forces with others.
  • Visit venture capital firms and talk face-to-face. When you search for venture capital, you will be met with a variety of scams and legitimate offers for help. When you are standing in someone’s office and can look around at the employees and look at someone in the eye, you will get a much better impression of if they are the type of people to help fund your business.
  • Listen to sucess stories. When you meet people who are where you want to be, close your mouth and open your ears. If they can make it there, they can make it anywhere. Listen, and perhaps you can too, wherever you choose to set up shop. Even a trip of a week or two to the Big Apple could teach you more than a year of business school.
  • Never give up. Dreams take time, but fortunes can surprisingly change in an instant. Keep giving it your all and your moment will come and your business will flourish.

Good luck to you in your new endeavor!

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