What To Wear For Your Interview

What To Wear For Your Interview
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A large determination in getting a job or not is how you present yourself to a potential employer. First impressions count for a lot, and it is important to show that you are professional, tidy, and presentable to customers and clients. Here are recommendations for both genders:



Unless you’re applying for a job at the top of the corporate ladder or for your uncle’s trash collection service, wear business casual clothes. This term is commonly used to describe a basic outfit: dress shoes (no sneakers!), slacks or khakis, a dress shirt, and probably a tie. A suit jacket is optional, and depends on the job that you’re applying for. Make sure that everything is clean and ironed. Never go to an interview wearing jeans, a t-shirt, or a hat. Tuck your shirt in, and look up instructions online for tying a tie if you’ve never done it before (the Full Windsor tie knot is commonly suggested for interviews as it projects confidence, but it can be tricky to make look good—make sure you practice and choose a different one if you don’t like it). Make sure your hair is neat and remove any facial piercings that you may have.



Ladies have a little bit more room for creativity in their choice of interviewing outfits, but an important note on gender in the workplace is important. Male-dominated businesses treat female applicants differently based on how they present themselves, and you don’t want to give the wrong impression. You are always better off dressing in a professional and conservative manner—trust us, you don’t want to be given the job for the wrong reasons. Wear skirts or dresses that are at least knee length, or slacks if you prefer. Any top that you wear should not reveal any of your stomach or cleavage. Accessories are fine, so long as they are discrete and tasteful. Remove nose and lip piercings, and don’t go overboard on perfume.


Even if this will not by the clothing style expected during a normal work day, it is important to use professional dress as a signal to employers that you take the job seriously and will interact well with other staff and customers. Always arrive to your interviews on time or early, be assertive and polite in your introductions to the manager in charge of hiring and any other employees present, and present the best side of yourself that you can while retaining honesty.


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