What Your Car Says About You

What Your Car Says About You
October 30, 2017 Comments Off on What Your Car Says About You Entrepreneur Pandora Kornfeld

Successful entrepreneurs know that every opportunity is valuable. First impressions can be the difference between getting that contract, investor, meeting, or not. Taking care of every part of how you present yourself is an absolutely essential part of your job. That includes your hygiene, clothes, work, and yes, even your car. You don’t want to be late for a meeting with some potential investors because your car clunked-out on the freeway. Think of the message that would send. This guy can’t even take care of his own car, and he expects me to give him money to start a business? Not a good look. That’s is why, if you can afford, it you should absolutely take the time to purchase the best car available for you. Even if you aren’t in the market for a new car taking care of the one you already own is absolutely mandatory.




The science is already out. Psychologists have already studied the effects that new items can have on a person. That includes clothes, cars, and more. Switching from an older, more worn car, to something newer can help relieve anxieties you may or may not have even noticed you had. Not having to worry about engine problems, broken A/C’s, or the appearance of your car can lift a weight off your shoulder. Psychologists have provided ample evidence to support that our personalities can be affected by the state of our material items. You are more likely to feel more confident about yourself and your ideas when you have, well-kempt, nice-looking material items around you. On the other hand, if everything you own is a bit shabby, a bit rundown, it is likely you might feel that way as well.




Not everyone can go and buy a brand new BMW. I get that. Still, anyone can make a plan to buy a new, or newer car than they have, commit to it and see results. Successful entrepreneurs are constantly trying to prove their worth not only to investors but themselves as well. Saving enough money to buy your next vehicle can be another challenge to help prove your ability to yourself. Websites like cars.com, edmunds.com, and even Craigslist all have tons of vehicles, new and used waiting at your fingertips. Finding the right car for you has literally never been easier. Most dealerships have trade-in programs where you can sell your previous vehicle to them and receive some amount off on your purchase. The key is to take action. A good entrepreneur to be able to make lemonade out of lemons, and when it comes to finding your next ride it is no different.


The Message


Deciding to upgrade your life is never easy, and buying a new car is a prime example of that. It is almost always expensive and can be quite time consuming. Still it is important to take into account how the car you drive affects your life. Taking the car you drive seriously is an investment in yourself. It can be the difference when it comes to being a successful entrepreneur.

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