Work and Travel: Living the Dream

Work and Travel: Living the Dream
July 8, 2014 Comments Off on Work and Travel: Living the Dream General Pandora Kornfeld

For many people, the idea of working and traveling is a complete ideal. The ability to pursue their career while seeing different places in the world can seem like a dream come true. Indeed, this lifestyle can have many benefits, especially for people with a more nomadic tendency. There are many different types of work and travel, from corporate consultants to nomadic English teachers and farm workers. The type of traveling work that you choose depends on your interests and skills, but you can be sure that if you dream about it, you can make a traveling career a reality.


Corporate travel

If you’re in the corporate world but sick of sitting at your cubicle all day, every day, you might want to consider integrating a position that allows you to travel. You definitely don’t have to leave behind your stable corporate job in order to feed that travel bug! Consider moving into consulting, a position where you will be needed in many different locations. Or speak to your manager about travel opportunities within your company. Oftentimes, people are needed to meet with clients at different branches around the country or around the world and expressing your interest to travel could be all you need to be on your way. If you do get into corporate travel, consider a travel management company to take care of the logistics of your trip, so you can focus on showing up at your best.

Teaching English

One of the most popular ways for would-be travelers to get out there in the world now is by getting certified to teach English as a second language. You can sign up for a TEFL course anywhere in the world, either at home or in the country you want to live in. We recommend a classroom course over online, to get the best experience and teaching practice. Then, you have the tools and certification to teach anywhere in the world! Some great places to teach English include Japan, South Korea, Prague, Spain and even Southeast Asia. And it’s a great way to immerse in the local culture and have a really unique experience getting to know the students in your school where you work.

Seasonal work

Another option that some people opt for abroad is working seasonal jobs. You can often find work picking fruit or working on organic farms, allowing you to travel and experience local life. This job is well-suited for younger travelers out of college, looking for an experience abroad. Other jobs with this sort of lifestyle include working in hostels as a receptionist or cleaner, where you can earn free accommodation and pocket money in exchange for several hours of work per day. You won’t get rich with money in this kind of lifestyle, but you’ll be rich with expereiences and memories for sure.

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